Best Websites For Cheap Flights Are ?

Best websites For Cheap Flights

You know how it is, it seems as if there are thousands of websites promising the, “guaranteed lowest airfare.”  Do you really believe it?

There is not a quick fix to find the best rate because Airfare changes hourly and sometimes minute-to-minute. Not even a quick Google search can get you the best rate. The following are however three tips to find the best rates.

Tip 1:  Begin the search by checking airlines referred to as ‘low-cost’ carriers–Southwest, Frontier, Ryan Air, Tiger, Spirit. These airlines almost always offer the cheapest fare, but because they don’t use third-party or online brokers, you have to check directly with their website or call.

Once you’ve researched low-cost carriers, use a major airfare search engine like, Kayak or Orbitz, to pull fares from the major airlines into one place to use as a comparison to the low-cost carrier fares. Just remember to check with the airlines directly because many of the major airlines guarantee the best rate when booking through them.

Tip 2: SET AN AIRFARE ALERT! Over the next two-four weeks, watch the airfares for your top two flights. Airfare alerts are a great way of finding the best airfare. When the price drops, you get an email.

Tip 3: The Airlines are on to us. There is not any special day to get the best rates as the airlines constantly change the days.

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