“Warning: This Business Meeting Etiquette Mistake Is Extremely Costly”


In the business world very little stays the same. Such is the same with business meeting etiquette.  Most companies have different policies and procedures around business etiquette during a meeting. Furthermore, most companies have several common rules that they follow. If you are new to the company and do not know their business meeting etiquette, just remember every company differs and has their own procedures for running a business meeting, so it’s quite important to do your research before going into the meeting.

Whether you’re meeting with the entire staff, your team, a client, a buyer, or a supplier, how you present yourself in a business setting can go a long way in how others perceive you. How they perceive you may be the key to your success—or not. Just remember,  perception is their reality. Consider each meeting a chance to showcase knowledge, your ability, and professionalism.

In light of perception and reality, this video states the importance of making a great first impression. Bad First Impressions can nolify doing everything else right.





  • 1. Be on time- It’s incredibly important that you are on time. Actually being on time is extremely important as being late can be very disruptive, cause the meeting to go off course, and of course could cost you valuable time. It’s always better to be five or ten minutes early to get yourself prepared.
  • 2. Be prepared- before going into a business meeting, it’s important to prepare yourself. This includes reading or learning and getting advise that you will need to know before entering the meeting and having everything you need available. Being prepared will allow you to perform at your best.
  • 3. Staying focused- Company meetings can be packed  with advice, so it is really crucial the meeting stays on course. Stick with the agenda..
  • 4. Breaks– If the company meeting is not short it is incredibly vital that you take breaks. The rule of thumb is that you want a 30 minute break somewhere with in that time frame of your meeting. This allows will allow everyone to stay focused.
  • 5. Be present – This means you should not be doing side work such as replying to emails, or checking your phone. Speaking of the cell phone, don’t answer unless it is an emergency. Even at that you should excuse yourself from the meeting.



  • 6. Being prepared on time shows respect for others  time and prevents having to start out with an apology for being late.
  • 7. Offer your business card if appropriate as you are or introduce yourself.
  • 8. Introduced to your self.
  • 9. Be prepared. The organizer of the meeting should have a set schedule that is certainly shared well in advance.
  • 10. Have an optimistic approach. Don’t kick off your shoes and slouch back—we are about professional business. Right ?
  • 11. Maintain positive body language— look others in the eye, and sit up.
  • 12 .Be an active participant and a good listener. Be courteous and listen when others are talking.
  • 13.Don’t eat during meetings, unless everyone else is eating.
  • 14 Avoid nervous habits. Don’t divert others by drumming or mindlessly tapping a pencil ect…..
  • 15. Last but not least, go to the meeting presenter and let him or her know you appreciated being apart of the meeting and or at least some offer some positive comments.
  • To further look into proper business etiquette just like anything else, great insights can be learned when you look at the opposite. If you want to know the SEVEN DEADLY SINS of meetings that would apply to business meeting etiquette , then look no further.

Now you have the valuable business meeting insights to knock-em dead in your next meeting.

Steve Irish

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