Corporate Travel: 5 Essential Safety Tips

Corporate travel and traveling at hotels are not has safe as you may think they are; even at some of the most securest hotels in the country. Keeping the TV on is a great idea, if you think your room is bugged. But it won’t stop someone from breaking into your room, even with security’s help. Hard to believe isn’t.

Can you imagine the professional con man using security to break into your room ? The professional con man has gotten smarter. Predators are looking for their victims and the best defense against being robed maybe is to be aware of their tactics.  Watch this short video below. This is how they do it.  Be aware.



1. Hotel and Security

2. Working Peephole at your hotel. Make sure it is working so you can see who’s knocking at your door.  As your saw in the above video, an unexpected visitor might claim to be a hotel employee.

3. Web Based Drop Box or e-mail. You have your important documents at home for easy access right? However, if you loose your documents on a trip, then you are up a creek. Not anymore. This is your solution.

4. Use a red ‘fragile” tag. Did you know that luggage usually will be put on the top of the pile ? This means it will be the first to be picked up at baggage claim. The sooner you get out of the airport the better.  Right ? You can find these Red fragile tags at

5. My favorite tip is to track your luggage with the Garmin device (Geko 201).  Especially on foreign travels. If you travel enough, It’s just a matter of time until you will be glad you had it. This can be found at Amazon as well. 

Happy safe traveling.

Steve Irish

P.S. What hotel or airline offers the most reward points ?  It depends on what is important to you.  What ever the case may be, you should definitely consider giving yourself these additional  Corporate Travel benefits. 

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