7 Corporate Travel Statistics Revealed & What Business Travelers Favor

Corporate Travel Statistics and What Business Travelers Favor

New insights into business travelers preferences and options

The most recent study from Certify, a top travel and expense management software solution company, can help employers and travel-related businesses understand what motivates business traveler picks for meals, ground transport, hotel, and airfare. More than 495 results were examined by certify from experienced business travelers representing small to large businesses throughout our country here in the USA.

This report provides an all-inclusive look at the the options business travelers make and why companies and employees should care.

Many business travelers (46.08%) reported they base their purchases on the greatest value and spend the firm’s cash as if it were their own.
Their purchases are mainly based on:

Benefit—time is more significant than price 30.72%
Worth— the business’s cash is spent by me as though it were my own 46.08%
Cost—everybody sees every cent, and so do I 19.88%
ChaChing—expenses are only rewards for time on the road 3.31%

In regards to booking airfare, business travelers tend to select flights according to their schedule and are commonly forgoing the cheapest airfare.
They book their flights based on:

Cost: 26.87%
Their schedule: 40.60%
Business policy:16.72%
The availability of connecting flights: 5.67 %

And of course the Milage Rewards:10.15 %


Actions talk louder with more than 40% selecting Southwest Airlines as the most friendly carrier. See why right here from the Huffington Post.
In regards to the air carrier and the best friendly service the word is out: 

Southwest Airlines: 40.30%

Other Airlines: 20%

Delta Airlines: 20.60%

American Airlines 9.85 %

US Airways 8.06% 

Passenger quantity is nicely spread across an assortment of carriers; the bulk “Other” carriers include Alaska Airlines, JetBlue and United Airlines.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Business travelers overwhelmingly seem to agree on the most healthy dining choices; yet, Certify SpendSmart™ data reveals Starbucks is expensed the most out of all the restaurants for the last two years.

As ride-sharing firms like Lyft and Uber control the business news, rental car firms are still battling it out for market share.

For ground transportation, whenever possible they use:

Uber/Lift: 40.00 %
Authorized cab: 20.48%
Limousine/private car: 6.33%
Resort shuttle service:24.70%

There was little difference among leading hotel chains when it came to identifying which had the finest comforts; “Other” contained more upscale chains like Four Seasons and Westin, Ritz Carlton.

Which resort can you feel offers the finest comforts:
Marriott: 32.84%
Hyatt: 20.60%
Hilton: 27.16%

Their is something that can be said about connivence as the study show most prefer convenience over loyalty. Benefits can also be a y driving option of  many business travelers making their selection according to closeness to assembly or customer.

The most essential aspect in selecting a resort for business journey is:
Place—near the airport : 0.09%
Place—near assembly or customer: 54.33%
Rewards program: 8.38%
Cost: 11.04% are rated by room
Quality lodgings: 20.00%
Other: 5%

So those are the latest 7 Corporate Travel Statistics. Any surprises for you ?

Happy Traveling !

Steve Irish

P.S.  The only stat that surprised me was the airline choices on being selected 10.15 % of the time based upon frequent miles. Ouch !  That means lost points. It’s hard enough to earn that second free ticket as it is. Isn’t ?

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