Enjoyable Vacations vs Social Media Vacations

Enjoyable Vacations vs Social Media Vacations:


Whoever thought the two would compete against each other ? A recent study from Intrepid Travel found that 74% of people say their cell phones are never greater than three feet away from them on a holiday. I certainly believe that, and believe it is so even when people are not on vacation.

Add Smart phones, vacations, and social media together and this is what you get:


Cell phones have no doubt changed our lives. Most of the time, that’s a really good thing.  Of course, it is true of the internet as well. The net can help us find our way, snag better deals, discover astonishing spots and events we would not of know about. Not to mention keeping in touch with our family and friends back home.

But this all comes with a cost. Fueled by an inherent fear of missing out on the opportunity and the best possible experience to air it to our friends, we frequently wind up reducing our ability to have encounters that are authentic at all. That’s just the internet.

According 2016 figures from TripAdvisor, there are more than 350 million reviews on their site. And in previous surveys, they found that 93% of travelers worldwide say online reviews have a direct effect on their booking, and 80% of travelers read 6 to 12 reviews before booking a resort. Reviews are certainly great but it can get to be an overload.

But think about it. Our pursuit for likes is really determining the destinations we’re selecting in the first place. No joke: That survey from Intrepid Travel that I mentioned above also found that 41% of travelers pick excursion places centered on what will look good on social media — a concept tour guides are now calling “the Instagram effect.”

Our pursuit for likes is actually influencing the destinations we’re choosing in the first place. At the end of the day, people just want to do things that look good on their social media feeds.

What ’s the answer to all this?  Whether or not the merging of technology and vacationing is a bad thing or a great thing, the point is, it’s happening.

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds ?

To your enjoyable social vacations,

Steve Irish

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