Finger Licking Good Barbecue And College Towns

There is nothing as good as Finger Licking Good Barbecue. It certainly can bring up arguments as to where the best barbecue can be found. Did you know that some of the best barbecue can be found in the College towns and the BBQ festivals in the surrounding areas. The following are a list of  the top five must attend festivals that are all about Barbecue.

Finger Licking Good College Town of Manhattan, Kansas.

Finger Linking


Manhattan Kansas maybe a small town but it is certainly The Little Apple of Big Appetites, Big Adventures and a Big Education at Kansas State University. You can find everything from a succulent stake or barbecue to New York style pizza. Or maybe just a good ole fashion lunch as you watch it being grilled over a hibachi-style grill. Either way, you certainly can find what you are looking for in the small but big appetite town of Manhattan.

Finger Licking Good Stillwater, Oklahoma. Stillwater College.

Finger Licking


The Royal World Series of Barbecue. It’s one of the countries sought after competition for chefs and Barbecue Lovers. After all it’s the home of the 14 once Vegas Strip Steak.  When you go to Stillwater make sure you go to The Rancher’s Club which is one of the towns finest dinning experiences.  Like wise make sure you check out Mojo’s Rock’n Bowl Grill. They serve the Vegas Strip Steak in a laid back Rockin Roll atmosphere.

Finger Licking Good Kanas City, Missouri.

Finger Licking


If you are taking the barbecue tour make sure you make your way to Kansas City. In around October of this year there will be thousands of other barbecue lovers who will be enjoying the smoked meets, tangy sauces and secret recipes. It’s all being apart of the American Royal World Series of Barbeque.

 Finger Licking Good Charlotte, North Carolina.

Finger Licking


The Beer, Bourbon and Barbecue Festival is another well know festival. The festival has over 60 microbreweries to choose from. But just remember it’s all about the barbecue. The festival will be in Charlotte in May of this year.

Finger Licking Good Memphis,Tennessee.  

Finger Licking good


The World Championship BBQ cooking contest is coming to Memphis in May as well. You want to make this one if you can because there will be over $100,000 in cash prices available.

Until next time, make sure you go out to eat and enjoy some smokin hot barbecue of your choice.


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