How You Can Broaden Your Horizons with Travel

Instead of just sitting on some tropical beach and sipping pina coladas during your vacations, it is very possible to get a ton of personal growth from your travels. But in order to do this, you will have to get off those all-inclusive beach resorts and five-star hotels. Although there might be some exceptions, most […]

13 Amazing Reasons Why Couples Who Travel Together Stay Together

According to a survey of 1,000 couples about understand how important traveling affected their relationship positively, almost two thirds (63%) of the respondents claimed that traveling has helped them stay together. The truth is not so far-fetched, when you travel together, there are sudden and exciting elements that fire your relationship. 1. A common goal […]

The Next Time You Travel…Travel With Fear

I was reading a Chinese travel book recently, by the Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese edition of Business Weekly and a FT Contributor, Xu Zhiyuan. In his preface, he quoted Albert Camus’ The Notebooks, on what travel meant: “What gives value to travel is fear. It is the fact that, at a certain moment, when we […]

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Vacation?

According to the 2009 International Vacation Deprivation Study, commissioned by travel service company Expedia, more than 30 percent of Americans did not use all their vacation days. One of the major reasons Americans leave vacation days unused is the fear of losing their jobs, according to CNN. However, vacations are beneficial, not only to workers, […]

Plan a Pet-Friendly Vacation

If you can’t bear to leave your four-legged family members at home, bring them along for a pet-friendly vacation. Here are our top tips for traveling with pets. Fly the Pet-Friendly Skies Flying with your pet is actually a lot easier than it sounds as most airlines are quite animal-friendly. However, each airline has its […]

15 Reasons Why Frequent Travelers Are More Likely To Be Successful

Success can be defined differently for everyone but the fact is some people achieve it and some people don’t. What is it that successful people do or have to find success that others don’t? There has been a lot written about the skills and habits needed to live a successful life and I think most […]

What Not to Pack

The goal is simple: to visit your destination without a suitcase so stuffed that you emit strange animal sounds trying to heave it into the overhead compartment — and with plenty of clean socks and underwear. But if only it were that easy! If you’ve struggled over which clothes to bring or how many gadgets […]

The Ultimate Bucket-List Travel Guide

ROBIN ESROCK, whose book “The Great Global Bucket List” will be published next year, has traveled to 100 countries on seven continents, but he still dreams of visiting Bali. “It seems ridiculous that I’ve explored Albania and Ethiopia but have missed countries that blip so loudly on the global adventure radar,” said the Vancouver, Canada-based […]

Touring Block Island, R.I.—the Island Time Forgot

SOME COME TO Block Island to behold the quintessentially New England beaches and rolling hills. Others come to bike, hike and maybe take a dip in the always-colder-than-you-imagine Atlantic Ocean waters. But I came for a different reason: to sit atop a statue of a deer. The statue in question occupied a prominent spot on […]