5 Stunning Pedestrian Bridges

Earlier this week I was out in the country and crossed over several old country Pedestrian Bridges. Well, actually they may not have been Pedestrian Bridges, but it certainly kept me thinking about bridges many times over the week.

I have always liked bridges and have found them fascinating. How they are built is beyond me, and this is why I am not an engineer.

Living here in Charlotte, NC , I am not far from what I call  “A city of bridges”  which is in Charleston SC. Speaking of the many bridges in Charleston, I began to wonder how many bridges in the world even compared to the bridges down in Charleston, so I did a little research and was quite surprised.

I kept on finding the same bridges being featured throughout many of the articles. It looks like I have more paces to see, or should I say experience. Because as you will see, these are bridges you have to experience.

The following bridges were among the most common ones I viewed.

  1. Henderson Waves: Singapore

This bridge in southern Singapore  is certainly not your typical bridge. In fact, the best way to view the bridge is to explore it. Watch the video and you will see.


2. Shy Bridge: Malaysia.

This Shy bridge is just speechless. How would you like to take a walk on this bridge from cable to cable ?



3. CHINA at SHINIUZHAI PARK: The world’s highest Glass Bottom Bridge.



          4. Trampoline Bridge: Paris, France.

Yes, this is a pedestrian bridge. You just don’t walk on it. You bounce, flop and flip to the other side.


5. Millau Viadiduct: Tallest Bridge in the world.

Although this is not necessarily a pedestrian bridge, I had to include it as it is possibly the greatest engineering feet of all time.


Researching these bridges has certainly been an experience in and of it self. This was just the beginning for me. If you like bridges as much as i do, here are more stunning pedestrian bridges that won’t disappoint you.

Steve Irish

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