7 Tips To Save Money When You Plan A Vacation

Many people who do not plan a vacation do not plan a vacation because it cost to much money. However, vacationing does not have to be expensive.

The following are 7 tips you can implement to  save money when plan a vacation.

1. Take public transportation and avoid cabs


Plan a vacation

Cabs are probably one of the most costly forms of transportation. Public transportation on the other hand is not only cheaper, but a great way to meet and learn from locals.


2. Tell your mobile provider you’re going abroad 


Plan a vacation

Most carriers have international plans that are not that expensive and be as cheap as an extra $30.


3. When renting cars  look for the lots that have the most cars.

Plan a Vacation

Think about it, they are in the business of making money and they are not making money when they have cars on the lot.  Huge savings are to me made. 

4. Ask the hotel staff for advice.

Plan A Vacation

You may not even be staying a a particular hotel.  Just remember though they are in the hospitality business and the are friendly.  They know the area and can generally steer you the direction in whatever you are looking for.

5. Use another company’s quote for leverage


Plan a Vacation

Just show a print out from another company.  If they want your business they will give you a better price.


6. Travel during low season

Plan A Vacation


Almost everywhere you go in the month of September you can find hotels that are almost begging you for your business.  It’t the slowest month of the year for hotels.

7. Fly to the cheapest destination, wherever it is


Plan A vacation

I hope this gives you some inspiration to take a vacation.

Steve Irish

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