How Small Business Travel Services Can Provide Superior Benefits




But first ( when I say “You”, I am referring to you and or a small company.) Secondarily, not every company or traveling business person qualifies to receive these incredible benefits. However, if you or your company qualifies, I’ll show you how you can receive the same discounts and benefits as these larger companies receive due to the fact that they have the volume of travel to use as leverage. Yes, you to will have the same benefits and more as the big guys do every time you book your travel.

Fellow business traveler, If you desire to receive the discounts and benefits as the big guys do, then this is for you and I will show you how.

Here’s the deal: It’s no secret that the major reason the big guy’s have better rates and can provide better benefits is because of economies of scale. And economies of scale is nothing more than doing things more efficiently with increasing size or speed of operation – the exact challenge the you have.  And it’s not your fault. You just don’t work for a big company. Oh, and just because you may know others who work in one of these famous skylines, doesn’t mean they are getting the travel deals the big guys are.

This Is Why Small Business and You Pay 19.17% More For Business Travel.


However, it does not have to be that way. Just because you are not employed by a large corporation does’t mean you have to miss out on the best rates and all the fringe benefits that are associated with the big companies. You may not believe me, but…….

IT’S Not Getting Any Better As Just Four Corporations Own Most Of The Major Booking engines.


Here is a great option though…..

Better yet, what if there was a way you could reap the great discounts and receive the many perks the big guy’s do.  Would you like to learn how ?

Here is the secret. It’s through the power of associations that you can receive these great travel discounts and perks. Just like the Big Guys Do.  Actually, i must say the benefits are even better because it is in addition to what the Big Guys HAVE.  Discover how to be apart of one of the fasted growing travel companies in their category HERE.

Do you remember I mentioned You could receive these additional benefits if you qualified ?  To qualify, you just have to be able to book your own travel thereby you are able to use your own booking engine as opposed to going through your companies portal. This typically is not a problem if you are a small company or work in a small company as you usually are reimbursed for your travels.

However, even if you work for a large company you still can benefit greatly from the additional benefits that are provided.

Maximize Credit Card Benefits for Travel

From Visually.

In review, now you know how small business travel services can provide superior benefits. So just because you may be an entrepreneur, or work for a small company, does not mean you can not benefit from the economies of scale. You can indeed receive the travel benefits and perks just like the Big Guys do. Likewise, even if you can not book your own travels, you still can benefit immensely.

After all, why wouldn’t you want to add on to your existing benefits so you can do more of what you love to do.

Steve Irish

P.S. Discover How YOU Can Get The Travel Benefits That The Big Guy’s Are Getting And More Starting With Receiving Additional Credit With What You Are Already Doing.

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