Social Media: Timely Social and Business Etiquette Best Practices

If you or your business are not already applying the power Social and Business Etiquette to build, attract and maintain your customer base, then more than likely you are missing out. I think you would agree that most Americans regularly use some form of social media, whether it’s for personal or for business purposes. Furthermore, Social Media is no longer just a trend or fad, but is no doubt an essential element for success in business and your brand. Case in point, look at the activity and statistics regarding our last national election just on a day by day basis.

The Developing Role of Social Media in the Modern Business World


The question is not, ” do you need to be on social media to enhance your business ?”  as is so well supported in this article in Forbes magazine, but rather, how can you market your business using social media to enhance and grow your business.

The answer to your success lies in practicing effective social and business etiquette principles to your marketing and or messages. Then it’s about leveraging the power of social media to attract more potential customers by focusing on the characteristics and attributes that make your business unique. These characteristics need to to relate to your potential customers who “look like” your ultimate unique customer.


Your Ideal Customer


What does it look like when you focus on the  characteristics and attributes of your ideal customer? For example, if you are desiring to provide solutions that business travelers face, then that is what you focus on, as opposed to some other topic. The more you relate to your ideal target market and person, the more your message will resonate with them because you are making a better connection.


In conclusion, participating in social media is not just a trendy fad, but rather a must if you desire to be successful in marketing you and your business in the modern world. Furthermore, one of the best ways to predict the future is to see what has worked in the past- you can do that here and discover 96 amazing social media statistics and facts for 2016.

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