Top 9 Southern Tourist Attractions

It’s approaching the summer and what a better time to start planning a good ole fashion southern road trip at one of the top US Tourist attractions. The following destinations are certainly a great place to start. These articles  are written by “”  which is an incredible resource for travel information to virtually any destination.

From Texas to North Carolina there is something for everyone to discover. Make sure you take your camera !


1.Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Charleston, SC

2. Top Rated Tourist Attractions In North Carolina


3. Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Florida


4. Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Georgia

5. Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Mississippi


6. Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Alabama

7. Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Tennessee

8.Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Louisiana


9. Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Texas

From the Shorelines of the southern states to the legendary music to the good ole fashion southern food the south has to offer, it is hard to go wrong in deciding to go on a southern road trip for  a vacation. Those are some great ideas for a summer road trip for the family aren’t they ?

Steve Irish

P.S. Traveling Sales Person ?  Take the family on a road trip this summer to one of the TOP SOUTHERN TOURIST ATTRACTIONS, it maybe less expensive than you think.  

 P.S.S.  When was the last time you took a southern trip for a vacation ? What was the best thing about it ?  

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