3 Travel Hacking Tips To Make Vacations More Affordable


One of the top reasons why many skip vacations is, quite frankly, the lack of cash ! Think about it. How many people do you know who don’t like to take a vacation ? Or even at least a long 3 day weekend ? Maybe some travel hacking tips would help ?

Fair enough!

Traveling ain’t free…

BUT there is great news ! There are many ways you can save hundreds, possibly even thousands of dollars !

Here’s are three traveling hacking tips to make traveling not so  hard on the pocket book.

TRAVEL HACKING Tip #1: House Swapping Or House Sitting

Now granted not my favorite, but when considering the biggest expense of vacations for most is lodging, then it stands to reason that is where the biggest savings can be found.

If you need to take a vacation for a period of time and are a home owner yourself, then research house swapping. You will be able to stay free and will be able to have the peace of mind that your house is being watched.

If you are not familiar with House Swapping or House sitting, here are a couple of websites to check out:


TRAVEL HACKING Tip #2: Go Where The Deals Are !
Sign up to the e-mail lists of airlines, travel agents, and booking sites. Then, take the advise on the video below to save even more !


Just remember to keep on checking for better airfare as the airlines are consistently releasing bargains to new destinations. Like wise, another great site for finding deals is www.google.com/flights

Google flights gives you tons of choices of where to go, along with all with the costs.

TRAVEL HACKING Tip #3: Faithfulness

Select an Alliance with an airline and stick with it!

Particularly if you expect to be traveling frequently.

Happy Travel Hacking !

Steve Irish

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