Robotic Travel Technology Trends

Travel Technology Trends and Beyond are Already Here.


We see Travel Technology in the transportation industry as the race for the driverless car speeds up. Will it be Uber teaming up with Google? GM teaming up with Lift ?

We see Travel Technology in the hospitality industry as well. Mega chains such as Marriott and Hilton Hotels are developing apps that will let you stay in your room without any contact from a hotel employee from check in to check out. Don’t believe it ? Check this video out.

Likewise, the same is true with the airlines. Obviously you can already book your flights without any human contact. Soon you will be able to tag your own luggage( which by the way will be robotic as well), and rebook your own missed flights.

Virtual Reality Travel is also upon us. It’s not so much traveling virtually as it is allowing people experience a possible destination before they book their trip. Case in point; Marriott hotels are currently experimenting with the concept right now.

These concepts are just the beginning as we see virtual apps to Googles new “Pan a Trip” featuring robotic luggage to the booking site that will get you the cheapest hotel rate even after you book it.  Amazing isn’t. Here are more travel technology trends that you might be interested in.

Is Automation technology going to take over the world ? Probably not, at least not anytime soon. However, automated technology is here to stay and we will continue to see its presence and impact in our daily lives.

We certainly have come a long way. Think about it. A little over one hundred years ago our forefathers where in horse and buggy. They could no more imagine our state of traveling any more than we can imagine our future state of travel. Or, can we ?

Steve Irish

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