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Do you travel the world for business ? If you do, then it’s not surprising to you that World Business Travel is growing at an increasing rate. Are you familiar with One World Alliance ? The oneworld alliance was founded in 1999 by American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Qantas.

After being founded, the alliance has since then added 12 additional airlines such as Finnair and Iberia in 1999, LAN in 2000, Japan Airlines and Royal Jordanian in 2007, S7 Airlines in 2010, airberlin in 2012, Malaysia Airlines and Qatar Airways in 2013, and TAM Airlines.  US Airways and Sri Lankan Airlines in 2014.

The oneworld alliance also includes another 30 affiliated carriers and growing.  Airlines such as  Austria’s NIKI, US Airways Express, American Eagle, China’s Dragonair, Denmark’s SUN-AIR, LAN Argentina, LAN Colombia, LAN Ecuador, LAN Peru and South Africa’s Comair.  Combined these airlines operate more than 14,000 daily flights to some 1,000 destinations around the world.

Oneworld’s main purpose was developed to make travel around the world  easier, smoother, and a better over all value for passengers. Since Oneworld is an alliance of airlines, they provide travelers more options than what a single airline can.

Similar to Star Alliance and SkyTeam, the three alliances now make up more than 60 percent of the world’s airline capacity and more than 80 percent of air travel between the top 100 business cities. The following video from SkyTrax lists the top 20 international airlines.


Hotel/Resorts World Business Travel


Regarding the Top Hotels for business — whether it is luxury, market, or something in between — largely determines what customers want most in a hotel/resort stay. Though customers in all segments look at, cost, room quality, and location when choosing a hotel/ resort, these basics merely cover the price of entry in today’s competitive hospitality industry, and they offer no guarantees for winning repeat business.

To reach sustainable, long term growth, hoteliers must develop a deep understanding of the kind of customers they would like to entice, then offer an experience which is tailored to that particular group. By becoming more attuned to the preferences of potential and current guests in their own category, hospitality firms can more precisely target and develop meaningful, lasting relationships with them.

Gallup’s 2014 Hospitality Industry study examined several distinct sections of the resort marketplace — midscale, upper upscale, upscale, upper midscale, luxury, and economy — to discover what guests actually desire from resorts. The findings revealed what guests look for first in booking in addition to what engages them and drives their repeat business.

That being said, every hotel/ resort should make sure their customers are engaged with their brand because those guest who are engaged simply spend more money a particular brand, irrespective of market segment. Customers who are fully engaged are also more insensitive to price because their emotional connection with the brand moderates their concerns about cost.

About one in every five hotel guests is completely engaged. But Gallup analysis reveals that this percentage differs enormously by category.

Customers of higher-priced hotel chains are usually more engaged than those of lower priced chains. One third of luxury guests are fully engaged — the highest percentage for any category  — and this category is also the most money-making. High-End customers spent an average of $910 at the hotel they stay at.

Here are the top Business Hotels in the world gathered by Travel & Leisure.

And for comparison,

Hopefully you are flying or staying at these above mentioned airlines and hotels.  If not, know you can be on the look out for these brands.

To your successful world business travels,

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